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Plia KYB (Know Your Broker) is our flagship product established in 2012. KYB was designed to bridge the information gap between asset managers and broker-dealers.  We have streamlined the broker due diligence process by creating a single-point interface for all counterparty interactions across regions and asset classes.  Additionally, we have crowd-sourced and created standard questionnaires through the collective input from both asset management and broker-dealer leaders, globally.  These standards have allowed counterparties to automate responses to their asset management clients.

Did you know? ...

  • 34 brokers are fully permissioned to complete questionnaires and send data requests

  • 166 brokers in total who have completed questionnaires or data requests in 2021

  • $28 trillion in AUM represented by buyside firms who have sent questionnaires in 2021

  • Platform usage up over 100% in 2021 vs. 2020

For access to the standard questionnaires on Plia, click here.

Benefits for Investment Managers

Benefits for Broker-dealers

KYB Screenshots

KYB Short Video Demo

KYB Use Cases: Risk Assessment, Due Diligence, Best Execution & Regulatory Compliance

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