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Best Execution and Due Diligence

Plia is a firm-wide central repository for all best ex-due diligence processes with time-stamped audit logs, customized reports and an interactive dashboard summary. Plia streamlines information exchange between Investment Advisors and Brokers by automating workflow and ensuring key documents and policies are reviewed on a regular basis.

Request Information


  • Create customized questionnaires.

  • Choose from a central repository of questions and standardized questionnaires collected from your peers.

  • Search questions by category, asset class, and/or geographic location.

Data Requests:

  • Send data requests for general requests, confirmations, agreements and document attestations.

  • Setup automatic recurring data requests for information (weekly, monthly, yearly).

Request information.png
Review information.png

Review Information

  • Implement an approval hierarchy and assign review responsibility to specific individuals in different areas within the firm (e.g., Legal, Compliance, Trading, IT).

  • Reject insufficient responses back to the responder.

  • Rate/grade counterparty responses.

Report Information

  • View online counterparty response progress.

  • View online internal review progress.

  • View counterparty comparison analysis.

  • View incoming and outgoing data request responses.

  • Print reports for due diligence meetings, management communication and regulatory exams.

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Data requests.png

Data Requests

  • Define and receive confirmation of order handling/electronic trading requirements.

  • Send and track trading desk general requests, document attestations, disclosures, procedures or terms and conditions.

  • Keep track of gifts and entertainment.

  • Use data requests for any information/question that necessitates an audit trail and confirmation between the trading desk and brokers.

Comparison and Grading

  • Assign custom weights by questionnaire section and for individual questions.

  • Grade responses on response quality (best practices) and transparency.

  • Create reports for custom broker scorecards.

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