• In 2012, The PLIA counterparty management system was conceived and designed by a US buyside trader with a vision to streamline the efficiency of the due diligence process and streamline the transfer of information between asset managers and brokers for risk management and best execution policies.  


  • In 2019, PLIA Systems joined forces with Urvin AI, a financial technology and AI Agency specializing in analysis of unstructured data and a quantitative approach to market structure.


  • The platform has been developed with input and guidance from some of the largest global buy side and sell side firms, the SEC, FINRA, AFME, IA and experienced securities attorneys.


  • Over the past few years, the PLIA team has added functionality driven by requests for trade outlier tracking, data requests and document attestations, onboarding audit trails and approvals and other workflow tasks suggested by advisors and brokers.


  • Our singular objective is to be the market standard in due diligence analysis and communication and workflow management between and within asset managers and their broker counterparties.