There are fundamental challenges with the onboarding and relationship management processes between asset managers and their brokers.

They include:

  • Hundreds of counterparties and no standardized best practice

  • Market structure complexities & conflicts of interest

  • Increased regulations, penalties & lack of global standards

PLIA provides capabilities that help:

Due Diligence


Allow users to create customized questionnaires specific to their group and counterparty information needs.


Choose from a central repository of questions collected from your peers and regulation authorities.


View online and real-time broker progress in responding to requests.


Reject insufficient responses back to the broker.


Manage and centralize the broker approval / onboarding process.


Assign review responsibility to specific individuals in different areas within the firm (e.g Legal, Compliance, Trading). 


Print reports for compliance records, due diligence committees and regulatory audits. 










Trading Tools


Send data requests for generic requests and attestations of documents. 


Setup automatic requests for information (weekly, monthly, yearly).


Manage and confirm order handling/routing agreements.


Integrate TCA metrics for supervisory review and/or warehousing of reports.  


Provide a supervisory review of trade exceptions/outliers with audit trail approvals.


Online Tracking of Gifts/Entertainment by broker.

Create counterparty configurations for algo customizations, ATS/MTF routing preferences and ELP/SI preferences.