There are fundamental challenges with the onboarding and relationship management processes between asset managers and their brokers.

They include:

  • Hundreds of clients and limited standardized questionnaire use

  • Increased level of client trading customizations 

PLIA provides capabilities that help:

Due Diligence


Manage KYC and due diligence disclosure documentation for counterparties and vendors.


View real-time client progress in reviewing your information.


Manage and centralize the client onboarding process.


Assign response responsibility to individuals in different areas within the firm (e.g. legal, compliance, trading) for incoming client questionnaires.


Answer client questions once.  Responses are saved and can then be sent to other clients upon your approval.


Print reports for compliance records, due diligence committees and regulatory audits.









Trading Tools


Upload and receive confirmation of routing/algo disclosures.


Send and track data requests including general requests, document attestations and procedure confirmations.


Provide a supervisory review of trade exceptions/outliers with audit trail approvals.


Automatically generate recurring requests for information (e.g. monthly, quarterly, yearly).


Online tracking of gifts/entertainment by client.

Manage/access firm-level information by client, which may include key coverage contacts, organization charts, or disaster recovery protocols.

TCA reports and other best execution reports can be distributed/replaced to clients as needed.