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February 15, 2022

Plia Invites New Members to Advisory Boards



After two years of growth across the pliaKYB platform and introducing two new products (pliaESG and pliaKYC) in 2022, Plia is inviting new participants to engage with active users across all these new exciting product initiatives.
Recently, Plia held the 1Q22 advisory group meetings for KYB (“Know Your Broker”) users in Europe and the US. Each group includes both buy-side and sell-side members who are advocates, supporters and users of the due diligence process managed by pliaKYB.
While platform features and functionality dominate the conversations, the latest meetings focused on the best methods to expand the network of Plia users beyond the early adopters. One sell-side user noted that there continues to be some asset management clients who are still utilizing Excel spreadsheets or other non-secure methods. While these methods are less than ideal and non-standard, the consensus has been that sell-side users of pliaKYB can help further adopt best practices established within Plia. Part of that is through general awareness of Plia and the endorsement of standard questionnaires that bring granular transparency to the best execution process.
With the introduction of pliaESG and pliaKYC and the no-cost beta trials until mid-summer 2022 which are available to select users on a first come first served basis, Plia is expecting to engage new users and perspectives every month this year. These advisory sessions will help drive and prioritize increased functionality into the 2022 roadmap. 
Our second meeting for pliaKYC was held in January, and our first pliaESG meeting will be held in early March. Bill Stephenson, CEO of Plia, noted that “these advisory groups are essential to the continuous improvement of pliaKYB and the successful launch and rapid growth of pliaKYC and pliaESG. While these products are very complementary to each other, they each have their nuances that are key to their differentiation relative to alternative solutions.”  Future meetings in 2022, will hone in on further standardization, automation, and the use of APIs. 
For the past two years, Plia has been working to create value among all users and constituents in the ecosystem, including traders, compliance managers, risk managers, and client service professionals. In addition to regularly engaging users, Plia is actively seeking partnerships, collaborations, and cooperation with other industry participants. This would include subject-matter experts, technology platforms, industry groups, and regulators. This all-inclusive process sprouted new use cases, product ideas, and improved workflows.
If you would like to explore participation in our advisory groups, please contact Plia at  

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