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  • 2012 - The Plia counterparty management system was conceived and designed by a US buy-side trader with a vision to streamline the efficiency of the due diligence process and streamline the transfer of information between asset managers and brokers for risk management and best execution policies. 

  • 2017 - Plia launched its first cloud-based counterparty management tool in Europe ahead of MiFID II regulation.

  • 2018 - Bill Stephenson and Dave Lauer launch NextEx to open more dialogue around transparency in the best execution processes.

  • 2019 - Bill and Dave spin-off from NextEx, to form Urvin LLC and develop better solutions for counterparty management.  Urvin LLC's roots are in global trading, artificial intelligence, market structure, and data science.

  • 2019 - Urvin LLC acquires Plia from Trade Informatics Inc. and begins a re-boot of the technology.

  • 2020 - Plia and the Plato Partnership launched new initiatives in Europe as “Plia by Plato” to provide market participants with new features and an expanded focus.

  • 2021 - The Plato Partnership Invests in Plia to build a new KYC/AML platform.

  • 2022 - Plia will launch the PliaESG division for asset owners, investment managers, vendors, and banks.

  • 2022 - Plia will launch the KYC/AML platform, initially to Plato Partnership members, then to the broader marketplace.

  • 2024 - Plia expands due diligence to the alternative data arena with the launch of a standard questionnaire designed to assist data buyers.

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