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Plia Products

Plia KYB (Know Your Broker) - Our flagship product helps asset managers and their broker-dealers streamline and automate the information exchange related to best execution and best practices. View 2023 Webinar

Plia KYC (Know Your Customer) - Launched in 1Q22, this platform simplifies and expedites the KYC/AML process for investment managers and their brokerage/banking partners using end-to-end encryption technology.

Plia ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) - Launched in 4Q21, this platform helps all entities in the investment management ecosystem better understand, track and improve the KPIs that are critical to a best practice ESG framework.

Plia Alt Data
 (Know Your Data) Launching in 1Q24, this newly developed questionnaire will help standardize and expedite alternative data provider onboading.  It will also centrally manage the ongoing due diligence process to ensure consistency and to ease the identification of alternative data trends. 

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