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  • Webinar:  Plia KYC - Know Your Customer 

  • Speakers: 

    • Bill Stephenson CEO and Dave Lauer CTO, Plia 

    • Mike Bellaro CEO, Plato Partnership

  • Date:  Wednesday, 15th December at 13:30 UK / 8:30 EST (updated time)

Plia KYC (Know Your Customer) is our second product and will be launched in 1Q2022. Plia KYC was designed to streamline the necessary KYC/AML information in the onboarding and re-certification processes between banks and their institutional customers.  In collaboration with the Plato Partnership, we have built the KYC system that is highly secure and flexible to meet the various types of requests and documents necessary to streamline this ongoing process.   


  • Introduction

  • Plia history and future roadmap

  • Real-time demo and discussion of functionality

  • Q&A

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15th December at 13:30 UK / 8:30 EST

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