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  • Webinar:  Plia KYB - Know Your Broker 

  • Speakers: 

    • Bill Stephenson CEO and Dave Lauer CTO, Plia plus 'use cases' from our existing Plia KYB customers 

    • Date:  February 10th at 13:00 UK / 8:00 EST

Plia KYB (Know Your Broker) is our flagship product established in 2012. KYB was designed to bridge the information gap between asset managers and broker-dealers. Plia have streamlined the broker due diligence process by creating a single-point interface for all counterparty interactions across regions and asset classes.  Additionally, we have crowd-sourced and created standard questionnaires through the collective input from both asset management and broker-dealer leaders, globally.  These standards have allowed counterparties to automate responses to their asset management clients.


  • Introduction

  • Plia over the years and future roadmap 

  • Why do the Buy-side choose Plia?

  • Real-time demo

  • Q&A

2022 prices will be locked in for all NEW users of Plia KYB who attend this webinar




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10th February at 13:00 UK / 8:00 EST

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